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What is a potbelly pig?

A potbelly pig a breed of pig with a short nose and a large round belly. These pigs are usually a solid color like black or white, but can have spots. These pigs average anywhere from 70-200 pounds. 

What is a Juliana pig?

A Juliana is a small breed of colorful pig that has spots and comes in a variety of colors such as red, white, silver, brown, cream and piebald. They have a long, straight snout, with a lean and muscular body. Males average 20-40 pounds and are smaller than females. Un-bred females average 30-50 pounds. Juliana pigs are never all black, and should not be over 70 pounds.  

What is a micro pig?

A micro pig is a term we use to describe a cross between a Juliana and a potbelly, with at least 75% Juliana in them. 

What is a mini pig?

A mini pig is a term we use to describe a cross between a Juliana and a potbelly with less than 75% Juliana in it.

What is a teacup pig?

A teacup pig is just a buzzword used to describe any pig. Most pictures of pigs in teacups are very young pigs, 1-2 weeks old, and don't give a realistic impression of a small breed of pig.

How do you ship pigs, and how much does it cost?

We ship our pigs though United PetSafe. Pigs are shipped in a carrier from airport to airport, and we work with you to figure out what time and airport will be best for you. Shipping, carrier, and vet fees are all included in the price of the pig.

Can pigs be overfed?

Yes they can! Pigs love to eat and much like a human if they are not burning off the calories they will gain weight and be fat. 
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